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We can all do our part: 6 things I do for climate

We all know climate change is happening. Apparently its a realictis scenario that earth will warm up by 4 degrees. There are tons of apocalyptical movies on Netflix, media is reporting about storms, growing deserts, epidemics and so on. But is there really anything every one of us can do? Why aren’t politicians radical about this crisis? Why isn’t anyone really fighting it? 

I’ve been worried about it a long time. But lately even more – since I am a mom now, it worries me even more how climate change will affect the future for our kids. Finally demontrations are rising, initiated by Swedish Greta Thunberg.

Let’s join this young pioneer; lets demonstrate and do our best for a revolution in climate politics.

No one can save the world alone, but we all can contribute. Here are 5 ways I am contributing to a better climate:

1. Eat red meat only once a week

2. Use public transportation

3. Try to avoid buying fast fashion and rather buy hight-quality clothes that last long

4. Avoid long-way travels, vacations in Europe

5. Reduce use of plastic as much as possible and recycling trash

6. Get political: join #fridaysforfuture demonstrations 

What are YOU doing to save the future for our kids? I am happy to read inspirations, so feel free to leave a comment. 


  1. Sophie Sophie

    Hallo Isabelle,
    Ich gehe mit deiner Schwester in eine Klasse und muss sagen dass dein Blog sehr schön und toll ist. Mach weiter so!

    • Isabelle Isabelle

      Liebe Sophie, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Wie schön, dass du meinen Blog entdeckt hast. 🙂

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